What Am I Wearing Today: The Challenge Edition

You know how people call you out for wearing the same thing twice within a few days?

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve been doing that for almost two weeks now. I already covered why/what/how I’m doing this yesterday, so today’s post is all about some of the outfits I wore through the first week of April. Without much more ado, here we go. 

Tuesday: Labs, labs, labs

I’m starting off with Tuesday because I ended up wearing the same outfit on Monday and Friday, but the photos from Friday ended up looking much nicer (S/O to the weather for becoming sunny and warm). It was a pretty dark day on Tuesday, so the pictures look a bit more dramatic than what they really should be like – not that I’m complaining. 

If you look closely you can see the hopelessness in their eyes

On Tuesdays I wake up at 7 AM to get to the lab I work in by 8am and stay there until 12pm. Afterwards I have another lab (fun) from 1-4 pm which means I basically don’t go outside in this period. Since I spend all day essentially in the lab, I can’t wear shorts on Tuesdays. It happened to be pretty chilly and cloudy with a chance of rain, so that didn’t matter anyways. Given the weather, it made sense to wear a bomber layered over a pullover and jeans. I also wore a baseball cap because why not. From top to bottom my pieces come from: Banana Republic/American Eagle/Target/Gap/Adidas

Banana Republic/American Eagle/Hanes/Gap/Adidas

I’ll probably never get over finding my speckled bomber at Banana Republic of all places. It’s probably my most worn jacket and works with almost everything I wear. The grey pullover I’ve owned/worn since February 2014 (sophomore year high school) and somehow it still fits and looks fly. Apparently American Eagle makes nice clothes now, so it’s cool to wear their stuff again. It also has no logo-ing which is great. 

Remember to cuff your pants, friends. 

“It’s not easy being fashionable, but it’s something that needs to be done.” – stuff Sid says

Wednesday: Lectures + Actual Rain

Over spring break I added another piece to my jacket collection: an olive M65 field jacket from Gap. I really love it because it adds more versatility to my jacket options, so now I can add “Communist revolutionary” to the list of “things Sid wishes he were, but can only imitate dresswise.” (Credit to one of my friends for that line). 

“Do you think they’ll notice repeating the same pose?” -stuff Sid says

An M65 is great because you can wear it casually with an OCBD*, or a tee shirt. In this case I wore my light blue OCBD underneath because the olive and blue have a nice contrast to each other. 

*Oxford cloth button down


The jacket also has four, massive pockets to fit your entire life into. I don’t think girls have much need for the pockets because God invented purses for them, but for guys it’s a nice way to keep you from wearing cargo shorts/pants**. At first I didn’t know what to put into them, but then I realized I can fit almost anything. Calculators (never leave home without one), lab manuals, or your broken aspirations are all perfect fits for the pockets. 

Just completed a prelab assignment? Perfect collar-poppin’ opportunity.

When I told one of my friends I got my jacket from Gap after she asked, she actually didn’t believe it. A lot of us make fun of Gap for selling stupidly simple clothing, but in my opinion, they can’t be beat for the basics. A jacket running for a bit less than $100 on sale for 45% off is pretty hard to beat at any other store – looks or quality wise. Banana Republic is owned by the same conglomerate that owns Gap, so I’d recommend checking either one of them out when you need some simple additions like the things I’ll be wearing all month. 

Gap/J. Crew/Gap/Adidas

I like to call the next four frames “the stages of every hard exam question.” “I can do this!” -> “This is a bit difficult.” -> “Help, me? -> “LOL.” This is also what I tend to look like at various points throughout my nightly attempts at being productive on, “things I should do, but don’t really need to do so I’m going to put it off for a while.”


This is a bit hard
I can do this
Help me?
You know what time it is, Sid? Time to move on.
But not before one last jacket pic

Thursday: More labs

I actually had a really neat outfit I wore last Thursday. Unfortunately I have class from 11:30-1PM, 1-3PM, 3-6PM, and then TA hours 6-whenever I finish my lab report, so I didn’t have the chance to take any photos. I don’t want to ruin it in case I post another weekly update, but needless to say I did look like an adventurer crossing through the African wilderness a tryhard.  Basically I looked like I was ready to save the world, one titration at a time. 

Also it rained a lot and I was completely soaked. I don’t really mind the rain, except when you need to make a 10 minute walk across campus in the middle of a thunderstorm. When you don’t have an umbrella. Or a rain jacket because you decided you didn’t need one in your capsule. (Idiot) Luckily, I have a really thoughtful friend walking with me who had an umbrella, but she didn’t tell me she was trying to put me under it, so every time she nudged into me I moved a bit further away until I walked through two puddles and asked her politely to stop. Then I found out she was, “trying to be nice.” Whatever. Everyone knows you if you want to look like an authentic revolutionary, you need to be willing to brave the elements. 

Friday: He’s almost done talking

On Friday it finally became warm and stopped raining after three weeks of nonstop downpour. Naturally I celebrated by wearing the same exact outfit as I did on Monday. Speckled bomber + white OCBD + jeans and white sneaks. I know I’ve worn the same sneakers in every photo so far, but that’s because I don’t think I’m ready to permanently show the world photos of me in running shoes not running. Baby steps. 

“Glasses make you look smart.” -some smart nerd (probably)

Confession time WashU, I never wore glasses to school before coming here. Honestly, the only reason I do now is because they’re navy blue and complement my outfit, so technically they’re one more accessory in my arsenal.

Kidding, I don’t wear them because they’re a neat accessory; I wear them because I’m too lazy to put on/take off contacts every morning/evening. But hey, it works out perfectly fine this way. 

“Looking smart gets tiring.” – not an actual quote but you wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I completely changed my hairstyle a few weeks ago and (in my opinion) it’s grown out nicely.

Nobody here knows this, but I think I was the second person in our high school to completely shave off the sides of their head and grow out the top back in 2013. Sahara desert on the sides/back, Amazon rainforest on top as I call it. 

Four years of the same style can get a bit tiring however. I’ve been trying to do something new/different for a while now and getting a middle part cut was a complete impulse decision because I knew if I thought it out, I’d talk myself out of it. At least one of my friends has asked me what to do next with their hair because they’re “bored” of their undercut/fade, if that’s you, consider growing your hair out. 90’s fashion is coming back with gaining momentum, so it’s only natural that the decade’s hairstyles will follow suit. 

If Jack Dawson’s look doesn’t happen to be your thing, but you already got your hair cut, you can always just ask our friend Jesus* for some help.

*Technically Graham Chapel is nondenominational, so you could ask any/all of the Gods for help fixing your mess. How cool is that?

On the off chance you didn’t notice from Wednesday’s photos that I had my top collar buttoned, (let’s be real, you didn’t because nobody cares), here’s a really close up look of what that looks like.

Buttoned collars keep your neck covered. This outfit is endorsed by Dwight Schrute.

Wow, that looks perfectly normal, right? I think buttoning the top collar is a nice way to add something extra to your collared shirt that not many other people do. To make it sound a bit more appealing, this is a really popular style of wearing shirts without a tie in England – and who doesn’t love everything they do in England. 

Unbuttoned is alright too,

That wraps up my first week of wearing the same clothes every single day.

At this point there are maybe four of the original readers left (I’m including my grandmother because it’ll make the count higher), and I want to thank you guys per usual for sticking through my inner narrative until the end. 

Before I go, I would like to give a big thank you and shoutout to my friend, Kate W., who basically followed me around Monday-Friday taking these brilliant photographs for me. It turns out we actually shoot with the same camera which is actually pretty neat because what are the odds of that happening? She didn’t actually follow me around though, because we mostly have our classes together so it was more of a “Hey do you do me a favor in between classes,” than a “Hey do you want to skip all your classes and follow me around” thing. I probably couldn’t have done this without her because it’s hard taking a photo of yourself while posing, and I doubt many of my friends could take photos as nice as these were. Thank you Kate!

-As always, keep it fresh,


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  1. Clay Hallman says:

    I did this before it was cool, just with like sweatpants though lol.

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    1. Sid Rana says:

      Haha, wow you beat me to it.


  2. Thank you. It is strong tips for even people who found their way back to Islam.


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