I’ve got that summertime *feeling that isn’t sadness*

When the temperature stays above 80 degrees for a full week, you know it’s that time of year again (summer). Keep cool this season with some fresh fabrics in vibrant colors to keep rockin’ n rollin’ through the hottest time of the year.

Spring is Here (again)

The fun part of spring starts when you drop the jacket and slip on a neat pair of shoes. Today I swapped layers for a tee shirt/jeans combo and a pair of espadrilles.

A College Kid’s Attempt at Creating a Capsule Closet

A few days ago I emptied my entire closet and threw everything off my balcony. For the entire month I’ll only be wearing 10 pieces of clothing because minimalism is my new thing. (I didn’t actually throw everything away, that’d be a $150 fine for littering)

Sid Rana’s Day Off: Part II

A year ago, to this day, I grabbed a friend to go photo shooting in Forest Park and unintentionally made the best decision of my life.

Sid Rana’s Day Off: Part I

For the first time since January, I had absolute zero productivity for 24 hours. Of course, that doesn’t mean I still didn’t go to school.


There is nothing more American than to protest. It is what the Founding Fathers did to start the formation of their new nation.

New Year but Every Time They Say “New Me” I Die on the Inside

I haven’t written a post in a while, around eight months I believe. A lot has happened since last spring when I last posted. I graduated high school – meaning I have now completed the most basic requirement to be a functioning/productive member of society; that is worth at least one pat on the back. I…

An Introduction to Nautical Themes

Spring is an interesting season. It starts with a warming of the winter cold that transitions the occasional, light snowfall into torrential downpours sometimes continuing for a week with no end. Contrasting the few weeks of rain, on occasion the cumulonimbus clouds dissipate to reveal a scintillating sun as the temperature simultaneously rises into the increasingly warm 80s….

Spring Fever

The Spring Equinox marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. On March 17th, the day and night will have equal length, literally the definition of equinox in Latin*. St. Louis has a few truisms of spring that occur annually despite no one really knowing the origin of which. Baseball fanatics will begin a six month…