The Royal (Italian) Honeymoon

Timotée Chalamet’s costumes from Call Me By Your Name inspires today’s American take on 1980’s European fashion. Click the link to find out more.

Trendy Layering: Hoodies with Leather Jackets

A few weeks ago, before it became colder than Sweden, I enjoyed the last gasp of fall with a “fun” outfit. Check out these awesome picks of the outfit and St. Louis taken by my awesome photographer!

Quilted Jackets, or How to Not Dress Like a Marshmallow 

Missouri finally found a manner to up the misery: make it 20 degrees colder than it should be. Unless you’re one of those guys who rationalize wearing shorts and a tee shirt throughout the cold, you’ve probably noticed too. Nonetheless, have no fear because I’m here with a second edition on keeping warm in the winter. Last month’s…