IKEA Influences the Clothes We Wear

Taking a trip to IKEA can make you feel like you’re inside the typical Scandinavian home, but what if you want to dress like the typical Scandinavian too? Today’s post covers the history of IKEA, how it fits into the Northern European aesthetic, and how its philosophy influences fashion.

A College Kid’s Attempt at Creating a Capsule Closet

A few days ago I emptied my entire closet and threw everything off my balcony. For the entire month I’ll only be wearing 10 pieces of clothing because minimalism is my new thing. (I didn’t actually throw everything away, that’d be a $150 fine for littering)

New Year but Every Time They Say “New Me” I Die on the Inside

I haven’t written a post in a while, around eight months I believe. A lot has happened since last spring when I last posted. I graduated high school – meaning I have now completed the most basic requirement to be a functioning/productive member of society; that is worth at least one pat on the back. I…