I’ve been doing what?

HS bench headshot
Hey readers, it’s been a while

Another 6 months, another semester passes. It’s kind of scary amazing how half of my university time is over; I remember junior year of high school as if it were just 4 days rather than 4 years ago. The past 6 months of school have been busier than usual (as if that were even possible) and unfortunately, this summer and the next semester my schedule will be even tightly-er packed.  My biggest gravity sink comes from the fact I am roughly 12 months away from submitting my med school applications which is approximately 5,283 steps further than where I should actually be at this point in my life.

I’m still waiting for the camera crew to pop out from behind the scenes to reveal how much I’ve been punk’d, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Because of this, I wasn’t able to publish monthly pieces as I did last fall/winter 2017. To make up, Optimal Outfit’s first spring/summer 2018 (SS18) post is going to be a double feature inspired by recent events. 

Part I of Spring/Summer 2018’s inspiration post covers the great costume design of 2017’s Call Me By Your Name. Instead of directly copying the relaxed 80’s European take on American fashion, I apply modern silhouette to Chalamet’s double denim outfit and primarily focus on American brands. 

Part II features a major style inspiration of mine, Harry Styles, and one of my favorite outfits to wear based on his aesthetic. Part I is live now and Part II should be uploaded tomorrow evening. 

Have fun reading!


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