A College Kid’s Attempt at Creating a Capsule Closet

A few days ago I emptied my entire closet and threw everything off my balcony. For the entire month I’ll only be wearing 10 pieces of clothing because minimalism is my new thing. (I didn’t actually throw everything away, that’d be a $150 fine for littering)

Sid Rana’s Day Off: Part I

For the first time since January, I had absolute zero productivity for 24 hours. Of course, that doesn’t mean I still didn’t go to school.

Quilted Jackets, or How to Not Dress Like a Marshmallow 

Missouri finally found a manner to up the misery: make it 20 degrees colder than it should be. Unless you’re one of those guys who rationalize wearing shorts and a tee shirt throughout the cold, you’ve probably noticed too. Nonetheless, have no fear because I’m here with a second edition on keeping warm in the winter. Last month’s…

The Way to Warmth

Today is December 22nd, the shortest day of the year and longest night for  those in the Northern Hemisphere; from now on every day will get longer and every night shorter. The winter solstice marks a major turning point for us because the longer days allows us more opportunity to show off the style. Soon, 4:48 will…

Help, I Can’t Color

Relax, we know you haven’t taken an art class since freshman year and we know you don’t understand matching colors any better than Brad Pitt understands how to ugly. We aren’t going to bore you with a color wheel to explain analogous and complementary colors; we know you wouldn’t read that snore-fest anyways. Instead, we found…