Style Inspiration: Harry Styles

You read how to dress for a sleepy, Northern Italian vacation, now find out how Harry Styles inspired my next outfit to parade through town in.

The Royal (Italian) Honeymoon

Timotée Chalamet’s costumes from Call Me By Your Name inspires today’s American take on 1980’s European fashion. Click the link to find out more.

IKEA Influences the Clothes We Wear

Taking a trip to IKEA can make you feel like you’re inside the typical Scandinavian home, but what if you want to dress like the typical Scandinavian too? Today’s post covers the history of IKEA, how it fits into the Northern European aesthetic, and how its philosophy influences fashion.

We’ve got you covered

It’s great to be back, and it’s an exciting time at Optimal Outfits For the followers/friends/those who just stumbled into this. It’s been a long summer that oxymoronically flew right by. I trepidatiously hoped to write another article at some point between June and August, but unfortunately, life (re: school) hit me harder than Zayn…

The Man from the Mediterranean

Have you ever seen a movie and then decided you wanted to be just like the characters in it? Today I tried just that.

I’ve got that summertime *feeling that isn’t sadness*

When the temperature stays above 80 degrees for a full week, you know it’s that time of year again (summer). Keep cool this season with some fresh fabrics in vibrant colors to keep rockin’ n rollin’ through the hottest time of the year.

Spring is Here (again)

The fun part of spring starts when you drop the jacket and slip on a neat pair of shoes. Today I swapped layers for a tee shirt/jeans combo and a pair of espadrilles.