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It’s great to be back, and it’s an exciting time at Optimal Outfits

For the followers/friends/those who just stumbled into this. It’s been a long summer that oxymoronically flew right by. I trepidatiously hoped to write another article at some point between June and August, but unfortunately, life (re: school) hit me harder than Zayn leaving One D hit most teenage girls. While I couldn’t update us with what was going on in my life, rest assured not much happened.

Except for the fact that my team has expanded! Take a peek at the “Who is Optimal” page for a look at the new masthead of the team that makes every post happen. I now officially have three photographers and one editor, meaning the time required to make one post happen has been significantly decreased. What this means for you, is that we plan on having significantly more pieces per month this fall/winter season. If that doesn’t make you excited, skip to the last paragraph for the (unofficial) lineup we have planned!

But before that, we have to cover some of the boring stuff regarding why I have been absent for the past four months.

For 10 weeks I had summer school that ended up consuming my life. You might find it hard to believe, but I ended up forgoing fashion during this period and started wearing workout clothes on top of the jeans I was required to wear to lab. When I wore shorts on the other days, I often added pullovers on top.  I hate to admit it, but I became the typical college kid who doesn’t care about what they look like just so long as they’re allowed into class wearing it. Nevertheless, my daily uniform of shorts, white tee shirt (never forget your roots), and Nike/Adidas pullover did get me labeled as “preppy” by a friend, so who really knows how I really looked.

I wish I had photographic evidence to show of this phase, but (unfortunately) my only contact to the outside world never screenshotted any of the hundreds of snaps we sent each other. Thankfully, this means no one really has to know that I slipped from my lofty standards.

So what have I been wearing this semester?

That’s the question we’ve all been wondering.  Recently, I copped a new pair of light wash denim which officially signifies the full power of the 1990s nostalgia train we’re all about to be riding. A few weeks ago, I was peer pressured by one of my photographers into buying a jacket I most definitely did not need, but apparently looked great on me. Thankfully, it only cost $14 at a local thrift store and so we’ll be looking at that as an alternative to the leather jacket as a casual and lightweight outerwear option.

We’ve already got this fall/winter season’s lineup planned for you.

Within a few weeks of today’s concurrent Mediterranean/vacation themed outfit, expect a post on how to “dress up” every college student’s most worn garment around mid-October, followed by another weekly roundup of outfits in a “What I Wore Today,” focusing this time on the different types of sweaters you can flex. Finally, by Thanksgiving we should have a post on jean-alternatives to add some diversity to your wardrobe. The last one might be subject to me finding the right selection, so it might be delayed until close to Christmas if necessary.

It’s an exciting time to be alive, and I’m looking forward to getting back into the field with this posts. Until next time, readers, stay out of trouble and keep dressing well!

-Sid Rana

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